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Digital Art Explained

The popularity of digital art is increasing every year as the technology required is increasingly becoming readily available to everyone. Once the domain of graphic designers or artists such as Andy Warhol is now becoming a common way to create artwork. No other medium would let you erase 100 times, without harming your canvas in the slightest.

Movable Type Printing

Movable type printing is one of the four great inventions in China. It was invented after long time practices of Chinese people.

Becoming Immortalized in a Pop Art Portrait

You have probably noticed that pop art is very stylish right now and more and more people are starting to buy it to hang in their homes. An increasing number of people have also begun requesting portraits of themselves in a pop art style. This usually includes using a mixture of light and dark colors to create a unique look that gives you a beautiful picture to display somewhere in your home.

The Essential Factors of Printing

Original, plate, printed material, printed ink and printing machinery are necessaries for printing. They are the essential factors of printing. Next I will introduce the details of them for you.

Using Dragon Figurines in Ritual

It’s difficult to think of the occult without coming up with dragons. The symbology representing the life-force of the dragon can be seen in artistic works and writing and lore. Traditions throughout history have held a place for dragons.

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