Iron-on Face Mask

Iron-on Face Mask

Photoshop – Using Selections As a Design Tool

The selection tools in Photoshop are the gateway to your design control. Being able to isolate parts of your image or design, being able to duplicate effects, being able to blend images to create the ‘total’ effect all depend on making selections. After making selections, its quite easy to use other design tools in Photoshop to take advantage. Typically in our introduction we think of selections as the process to copy and mask a certain area, but once we see the many options and editing tools that work together, we see how the confident selections becomes part of the design process itself.

How To Package and Transport Artworks

Picture this. You have spent weeks, months, perhaps years creating a piece of art. You have immersed yourself in this work completely, and have finally completed it. You then receive an offer from a collector or a gallery hoping to buy or include the piece in an exhibition. So, you ship off the artwork and travel to meet it on the other sie. However, when the box is opened up, your masterpiece is ruined.

Learn How To Select Mixed Media Art Inspired Entertainment For The Wedding Reception

Mixed media art-inspired wedding receptions are really a moment for festivity. While all receptions usually are meant to observe the happily married couple, the type of entertainment at receptions differs with regards to the new bride as well as groom’s style.

Why Mailed Art Submissions Just Don’t Work

It used to be common for artists who were seeking to license their artwork to send a portfolio of work out through the mail to potential licensees. That practice has tended to fade away due to the rise of the internet, and something else – mailed submissions just don’t work. In this article I tell you why they’re just not worth the time, effort and money you invest in creating and sending them out. I’ve got a much better idea.

The Wolf – A New Lease on Life Through Art and Sculpture

The complex social order of the wolf family is as loving and caring an environment as one will find in the wild. A strong male and his mate, form the center of this tight-knit group. As with any potential relationship, first impressions will last a lifetime.

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