Introducing Cricut BrightPad and BrightPad Go

Introducing Cricut BrightPad and BrightPad Go

Some General Information About Botanical Prints

Have you ever heard of botanical prints before? As the name implies, botanical prints are prints done on materials like cloth, which depict forms of plants, flowers, vegetables or even fruits.

Art Prints and Posters to Spruce Up Your Rooms

Art has been one of man’s most enduring and incredible creations and with the most far-reaching influence across time, space, and race. It never fails to enhance, if not just complement, the world we live in.

Places to Have Your Original Art For Sale

Selling your art can be a fun thing to do not to mention a way to gain an extra income source. The hard part though is figuring out where to have your original art for sale at. Since it is so hard you might think that it will be impossible to do this, but you will not want to give up. If you give you then the chances of people collecting your pieces will be diminished and you cannot enjoy the extra income. Here are five places that you might want to consider selling your art work at so you can start making money.

A Selection of Famous Paintings of Flowers

Throughout history, artists have used paintings of flowers to express emotion. From full, vibrant flowers that express joy and optimism to the wilted single flower that hints at sorrow, flowers are a great subject to put on the canvas.

Original Oil Paintings Have Been Lost But Never Forgotten

Oil painting is known as an form of art that traces back centuries and was used as a means of decoration for such things as famous estates, castles and also the home of some commoners. Many very famous artist of their time used oil painting to help capture scenes throughout history, politics, religion and art. So many of these original oil paintings can be seen to this day in hundreds of museums around the globe.

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