Introducing Cricut Bright 360

Introducing Cricut Bright 360

eBay Comics – Would You Believe It

If you are a seller on eBay then I hope you are honest and truthful on your product. I have heard too many horror stories to ever go back again, but it is a nice place for some very hard to find items.

Classic Theme Interiors With Canvas Art Painting

Decorating interiors gives so much fun and pleasure. It is the work of art where individual decorators express their aesthetic interest with lots of types of indoor ornaments starting from room layout in which households like sofa, tables, cupboard, flowers, and many more.

Alitalia’s Collection Takes Off From Finarte

Balla, Severini, Burri, Accardi, Vedova, Prampolini. These are the names of some of the artists signing the modern and contemporary art collection of Alitalia, which has decided to sell its works of art in the hope of reducing its exorbitant debts.

Why Banksy Canvas Art Often Faces Opposition

For those who thought Banksy was only the ‘good man’ in the books of the public, you are wrong because the artist has faced several attempts to deface his works.

Durability of Photos to Canvas – Four Ways to Make Them Last a Lifetime

Comparing your photos to canvas with your usual digital prints, you will certainly have a more durable option in the former. With this being said, you are tasked to take care of the pieces properly.

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