Instax Mini Link Un-Boxing & Bullet Journal Scrapbook

Instax Mini Link Un-Boxing & Bullet Journal Scrapbook

Points To Remember When Painting

Differences among these paints should be carefully noted to avoid future blunders. Oil enamel paints and acrylic are very different since enamel paint is oil-based while acrylic is water-based.

Get To Know Painting and Its Aspects

Heat resistant enamel paint effectively works with certain medium, such as ceramic and canvas. And when treated with sealant or any glazing agent, the outcome will definitely be dazzling.

Springtime and Love by Francesco Paolo Michetti

This wonderful painting by Francesco Paolo Michetti is a feast for the eyes. Housed in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago I have enjoyed this work since I was a child and always appreciate it when it resurfaces from its rotations.

Drawing Caricatures Book – Will This Help You Take Your Skills To The Next Level?

It really all boils down to how good you want to be at cartooning before buying a drawing caricatures book. Some people struggle on their own with little success year after year. The truth is we all get to a point that a mentor or course of some kind is absolutely essential if you want to get better.

Buy Artwork Online – 9 Great Reasons

Why buy artwork online? Read this to discover the many advantages.

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