Install fonts on the iPad - How to install fronts for apple iPhone and iPad  Cricut Design space app

Install fonts on the iPad – How to install fronts for apple iPhone and iPad Cricut Design space app

Motion Graphics Get Noticed

Motion graphics are just what the name implies: graphics in motion. They’re the newest trend in creating videos, ads and other short films, etc. What’s so great about them?

Commissioned Oil Paintings – Commissioned Artwork

One area of art work that is often overlooked is buying commissioned paintings or commissioned art work. Commissioned artwork, that done as a custom piece ordered by someone from an artist, can be a wonderful way to add and collect art for your home and other places you dwell.

Visionary Art – A Journey Into the Creative Unknown

Visionary Art may be considered as a theme rather than a movement. Although the styles vary radically, the essence of portraying the overlap of mystical and spiritual powers in the real world stays the same. Therefore, Visionary Art offers a virtual vision of the mystical and spiritual powers in our everyday life.

Image – Aesthetic, Functional, and Valuable

The word ‘image’ comes from the Latin word ‘imago.’ It refers to a picture that resembles an object, a living entity, or a scene. Broadly speaking, images may be created both, manually and digitally (with the use of latest computer based technology).

Painterwork – A Ubiquitous Art

The Concept of Painterwork refers to covering a work with a thin layer of paint to preserve and color the surface it is applied to. Aimed at getting a hard dried and opaque surface, the commonest compounds used are oil paint, distemper, whitewash, and tar. The word paint however, often refers to a blend of oil & pigment. The support tools a painter requires at work are strainers, mixing pots, paint kettles, palette knife, scrapping knife, stopping & chisel knives, hammer, sponge, pumice, comb, and a variety of brushes.

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