Insert Image onto Canvas | Beginner Design Space Tutorial | Cricut™

Insert Image onto Canvas | Beginner Design Space Tutorial | Cricut™

Raphael’s Great Piece of Art

Raphael was an artist known for the loveliness of the oil paintings that he has created. His reputation for creating sophisticated and harmonious paintings is well-deserved, especially his great work of art, the Portrait of Cardinal Bibbiena. Although Raphael is popular for his gentle, doe-eyed Madonnas surrounded by lilies and carrying cherubic Holy Infants, he was also frequently commissioned to paint self-portraits as well as other types of painting jobs just like a lot of fantastic artists during his time.

Portrait of Andre Derain By Henri Matisse

Portraits serve as reminders not just of what people’s appearances were at the time but also of the legacy which they left or will be leaving behind. For painters who see portraits and drawings as their bread and butter, it is of no exception that they too would want to leave a tangible reminder of their existence and influence especially in the art world. The Portrait of Andre Derain by Henri Matisse is a perfect example of such.

Getting Started With Portrait Painting in Oil or Watercolor

Portraiture is doubtless one of the most beloved of painting genres. People just love finding out about other people, and for centuries portraits were the equivalents of today’s paparazzi pictures. Back in the days before cameras were invented, portraits were the only way that ordinary people could see what public figures like kings, princesses or generals looked like. A portrait painting in oil or watercolour often served as a means to show people an ideal picture of the power, beauty and other virtues these people were supposed to possess.

El Greco’s Portrait of an Elder Nobleman

Every struggling artist pins up his hopes of becoming a world renowned master on anything he can lay his eyes on. Inspiration can strike him at any given time, under any given circumstance. He has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish, what kind of legacy he would leave behind, what would set him apart from all others. El Greco’s Portrait of an Elder Nobleman may just be any random painting of a man, but for his followers, it is but an example of exquisite works that he was best known for.

Tips on Drawing Noses

Drawing realistic portraits can be tricky for new artists. Drawing noses is usually the biggest stumbling block to creating realistic portraits. But drawing noses isn’t hard when you understand what you are actually seeing and how to create the illusion in a drawing.

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