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Insert Cards You’ll Want to Make Today | All Cricut Machines

Chroma Key With After Effects CS5 and Keylight

After Effects continues to get smarter, friendlier, and place nice with it’s neighbors. The release of CS5 this June has many new features. On the street you might hear of After Effects and Cinema 4D as the ‘dynamic duo’ but one of After Effects coolest effects, and most clever business moves, is incorporating top software applications into it’s family. There are many but we’re going to look at Key Lite which technically joined After Effects with its CS3 release.

Cinema 4D – Customize Cinema 4D With User Data for You

Cinema 4D has so many features and the ability to customize user data is one of the most special. Not only does this capability let you customize your management interface, you get an implicit introduction to Xpresso controls and editor in the process. If that isn’t enough, it’s pretty darn easy to do too. Interested? Read on.

Tips For Taking Pictures Of Flowers

Flower photography is one of the most rewarding hobbies in nature photography. The various colors, shapes and sizes of flowers provide an inexhaustible subject for photography.

How to Draw: Using the 3 Rules of Light to Add Depth

Light is how we develop our perception of what we see-the way light bounces off of a surface, illuminating a person’s features is the way we perceive the shape and contour of a face, or the folds in clothing. But, it isn’t just what the light shines on, or how it reflects off of a surface that shows us detail and reveals information. It’s also where the light doesn’t shine that helps us determine the depth and dimension of our subject, because of the way it contrasts with the areas that are receiving light. The range of value created between the darkest and lightest areas, helps us in assessing the angle, distance and curve of an object.

Gold Ruby Glass

Gold ruby glass, also known as cranberry glass, is a craft production that started in the seventeenth century. It is red glass, of course, made by throwing gold chloride into regular glass, thus turning it a deep ruby red hence the name. Because of it’s delicate make up and chemical concoction, it is not mass produced like other products of his kind, gold ruby glass is usually hand crafted by professionals.

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