Sand Casting Door Knockers

Sand casting brass involves melting the metal to a liquid. The molten metal is poured into a sand mold. The sand mold is broken away leaving the metal casting.

The Unique Styles of Pueblo Pottery (Part 2)

In the last article we looked at the styles of most of the Tewa speaking pueblos. There was a large group which shared similar materials and produced a similar type of work but differences demonstrated in each of the separate pueblos. In this part we will be looking at three pueblos each producing distinctly unique work. We will also describe the characteristic pottery styles of the Keres-speaking pueblos.

The Unique Styles of Pueblo Pottery (Part 1)

Basic techniques set traditional Pueblo Pottery apart from other pottery forms. However, within the form, the use of local materials for the clay and colorants, as well as tribal customs set each Pueblo’s style of pottery apart from the others.

The Onset Of Mixed Media Art

What we know presently as mixed media art began in early 20th century, when artists searching for an alternative to what they saw as hidebound academicism began including things and images that weren’t considered to be art elements in their works. Examples of everyday materials being included in ceremonial or aesthetic items are available dating back to prehistory, however, these were created with various motives, and provided a very different social purpose than the objects referred to as “art.”

Traditional Southwest Pottery

There are many traditional Southwest Indian Potters. You can find their work online and while traveling in the local area where they do their work. The traditional process is labor intensive which accounts for the high price on the beautiful pieces. If you are interested in collecting genuine Pueblo Pottery, it is best to buy through a reputable dealer or directly from the artist.

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