Infusible Ink Tips and Tricks

Infusible Ink Tips and Tricks

How to Teach Yourself to Paint

Before you start painting you need to understand what is colour and how it is used to create realistic paintings. You also need tools to complete your job. This article gives you a basic understanding of colour and tools you need to start painting.

Hunting Decals – The Inspiration Behind Their Creation

Hunting decals have become an expression of art through the eyes of the hunter and the artist. Designers create vinyl stickers for hunters to “tattoo” their vehicles. Find out what inspires graphic artists and what types of truck window decals they design.

Top Tips For Selling Art Online

Selling art online is not easy, there are certain tips and points you should know to sell art online. This article will help you through the points.

Top 10 Comics Books of 2012

What were the Best Comics Books for 2012? The article below is bringing Top 10 titles for comics’ enthusiasts from the comics’ enthusiasts.

Print and Sustainability

With today’s technology it seems everything is moving towards the mobile platform. With newspapers and magazines going to online and mobile versions it seems printing is taking a hit more and more. The common thought or rumor is that print is dead and it’s not economical anyway. But there is sustainability with printing.

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