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All About Digital Printing

From advertising billboards to personal photographs, digital printing has become a popular way of printing. It is a simple, plateless printing technology where the colour or the toner particles forms a layer on the material to give the desired output.

Where to Select Good Paintings

Nobody can think about a life without art and culture. Actually art is an extension of man’s imagination. It can be expressed in forms of sculptures and paintings. Each painting shows how the world is visible in the eyes of the painter. There is no doubt that landscape paintings and other types of paintings can improve the beauty of the house or office room.

A Career in Print or Design

A candidate looking for a job in the Print Design department should have qualifications or studies in art design, multimedia or a related subject. Journalists and photographers are jobs pertaining to print design. The obligations revolve around creating artwork and printed material used in advertising and sales promotions.

How to Sculpt in Any Media

Sculpture is never about technique or media. It is about individual expression. Your work can be polished, rough and raw, built in clay, carved in stone, cast or welded in metal, and it all comes down to the same thing. Does your work communicate?

Digital Fine Art Movement

The digital age ushers in a new art style. Artists are getting in touch with their inner computer geek.

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