Kay Nielsen: Blending Danish, Oriental and Classical Aesthetics for Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

While many critics may suggest a different interpretation to the aesthetics apparent in the work of Kay Nielsen, this article will defer to the comments of the artist himself included in ‘Kay Nielsen’s Story: In his own words’ published in “Contemporary Illustrators of Children’s Books” (The Bookshop for Boys and Girls: Boston; 1930). In that article, Nielsen noted the strong Danish and classical literary and artistic influences to which he was exposed throughout his childhood and youth, in addition to an enduring fascination with Eastern Art that was to be incorporated in his own works. Nielsen was raised in a family whose patriarch was Professor Martinius Nielsen (Managing Director of the Dagmartheater in Copenhagen) and whose matriarch was Oda Nielsen (an actress to the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and a leading interpretress of songs from Old Danish folklore). By his own account, Nielsen was raised in a “tense atmosphere of art” and visitors to his family’s home included Ibsen, Bjornsen, Lie, Grieg, Sinding and Brandes. Having also been captivated by Chinese drawings and carvings brought into the family through his maternal grandfather, Nielsen brought a unique perspective to depicting scenes from Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends.

Albrecht Durer: Iconography Within His ‘Great Triumphal Chariot of Maximilian I’

From 1512, Albrecht Durer – one of the great artists of the Renaissance – worked on a monumental design known as ‘Great Triumphal Chariot of Maximilian I’ to a commission from his patron, Emperor Maximilian. Durer’s design was influenced through his collaboration with Willibald Pirkheimer who the iconographic program according to the ideas expressed by the Emperor. The final illustration – nearly 2.5m in length and comprised of 8 joined pages printed from woodblocks – is a relatively little-known masterwork that is worthy of greater consideration.

Life: Art in Motion

Flip flops, beach towels, watermelon, sunscreen. The list of the signs of summer goes on and on. And it is HOT! Today is the perfect day to journey to the beach, just a short ride from our home on the South Shore. It is also the perfect day to bring along a sketch pad and half a dozen sharpened charcoal pencils, instruments to capture the sights of miles of the Atlantic crashing onto the brown sugar sand.

Have a Look at the Beautiful Art of Hawaii

Hawaii being considered beautiful is already a given. However, this exquisiteness of the Hawaiian Islands has not just lured countless visitors but it has also inspired numerous artists to create several of the most treasured collectables in the world. Art lovers who are touring the islands might find the Hawaiian art scene to be an absolute paradise that is really incomparable.

Cool Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper

Since the internet technology developed more and more, people tend to use their computer more frequently so they need to relax somehow while staying for hours in front of their laptop or personal computer. How can they do that? By using a wonderful wallpaper for their desktop.

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