I'm Pregnant! | My fertility Journey, Health Update & Pregnancy So Far!

I’m Pregnant! | My fertility Journey, Health Update & Pregnancy So Far!

Art Business Marketing and Branding Ideas – Tips to Marketing Your Art Via YouTube

Are you looking for more people to view and buy your artwork online? Well, using videos to drive traffic to your website, blog, Facebook page can be a free way to marketing your art and help build your brand as an artist. There are over thousands of artists doing this art business marketing strategy to help promote there work. With these tips listed below you can learn how to market your artwork using videos on YouTube.

Art on Canvas – Buying and Understanding Canvas Art

Art is an integral part of people’s lives. Art is found in so many different forms in homes and offices.

Fine Arts Reproduction – Blending Technology to Deliver Excellent Pieces of Work

In today’s scenario, technology is witnessed in every sector and in every work. It not only enhances the value of the work, but also enables man to swiftly carry out his work.

5 Simple Steps to Sell Your Art!

Whether you’ve been creating art for years, or if you’ve finally given in to the artist inside, here’s a simple and easy-to-implement guideline to help you sell your art. Step 1: Before you go about figuring out how to sell your art, decide whether you do want to sell your art. Initially, this question may seem a bit redundant.

The Marvels of Giclee Printing For Artists to Create Art Prints

I confess I have come late in life to this form of copying technology. I cannot imagine anything that could have helped the amateur artist more to market their work effectively and economically. The cost and versatility of this form of copying has fallen dramatically in recent years. Any artist should check it out.

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