Illuminate every detail with Cricut BrightPad Go

Illuminate every detail with Cricut BrightPad Go

Botanical Art in Victorian Times

Botanical Art is a popular art form for many people and cultures. If you have flower arrangements made for any occasion you are purchasing Botanical Art. It might look easy, but it is not. People have to go to school to learn various things about many types of flowers. Arranging flowers in a vase at home is easy, Botanical Art is not.

Mexican Clay Pottery – History and Influences

The most widespread craft in Mexico is pottery, in all Mexican states clay is worked in multiple forms, or at least some kinds of ordinary pottery are created. The history of modern Mexican pottery dates from the time of the oldest pre-Hispanic cultures that left their mark in countless pottery discovered today by the passage of the plows and machines that build roads and other public works. These objects reflect the remarkable artistic conception of indigenous potters, whose influence is evident today in some forms and decorations.

Picasso Sold For Record Price

At an auction at New York’s auction house Christie’s the painting “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” by Pablo Picasso sold for $106,500,000. A bidder who prefers to remain anonymous has won the auction earlier in May 2010 by bidding via phone.

Floral Paintings Can Add Warmth to Your Space

There is nothing more beautiful than a floral painting that you can own and use to decorate your personal space or enrich the beauty and elegance of a lounge or living space. Floral paintings possess and reflect such a quality in creation, style and uniqueness that almost nothing else can ever compare to them.

Graffiti Art History

Graffiti’s first roots began to appear in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 60s when a couple of young boys started tagging corn bread and cool earl all over the city until almost every where you looked you would see corn bread and cool earl written in trains walls windows etc. Soon this radical way of expression know as graffiti art caught the community and local press attention.

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