I Will Be Your Friend

I Will Be Your Friend

One Great Tip To Work Out What To Draw!

Got Brain-freeze or Drawing Block?… Then check out this quick tip to get the creative juices flowing again!

Designing Art for Screen Printed T-Shirts? Here’s Some Tips That Might Help

Designing art for screen printed t-shirts? Our simple checklist will help make sure your art will print perfectly on your chosen garment. When you are ready to start, please consult with your screen printer or a graphic artist who works in the screen print industry. They will help you create the perfect graphic for your t-shirts. We want your shirts to look their best after all, right?

Is There a Difference Between Artwork for Screen Print Vs Embroidery?

One of the main questions we receive in our store is what kinda art do you require for screen printing and embroidery? The second one is can the art I used for scree printing now be used for embroidery and visa versa. There is a very distinct difference in the file types used by these processes and I’ll try to cover the differences. The goal of the article is to create an informed buyer and help the buyer understand the differences of what can and cannot be done in screen printing and embroidery.

Three Piece Paintings

There are many artistic styles of modern art available today. Different artists try different style of drawing, painting, sketching, always experimenting with some new methods and new ways to get art on a higher level. Every once in a while there is someone who makes it to the top with his innovating art techniques and styles. Three piece paintings give artist a great challenge of combining painting on three different levels.

Two Piece Painting

A nice painting on the wall of your home makes it more comfortable and better place to live in. Some may say that the art is a true illustration of realism, some may disagree, but anyway art is part of everyone’s life so we accept it as it is. Two piece painting as one of new artistic direction provides unique dimension on home decor.

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