How to Write with your Cricut Machine

How to Write with your Cricut Machine

Are You Afraid To Talk About Your Art? Do You Want To Sell Your Art Or Hope It Will Fly Off The Wall

Afraid to take the first step to market your art work? This article will help you to identify problems and will help you tackle them.

Selling Art In Our Economy

Want to sell your art now? Ways to market your art. Get your art out of your studio/house.

How To Photograph Your Work And Sell Art Online

There are so many different aspects to photographing art before you sell art online, so this article will be a brief overview to share some of the most important information with you such as composition, lighting, and how to optimize your images for use on the internet. Because the photographs of your art are the first (and often only) thing a potential buyer sees when they see your art for sale online you need to make this first impression be a good and long-lasting one.

Why Abstract Art Is So Popular

Abstract art is a great style in which artists who are seeking to explore or take their art in a new direction may enjoy. Abstract art allows for unlimited and unstructured freedom, that being said some find this style and state of mind easy to achieve while others may find it daunting or too open ended. Do abstract paintings sell well? The truth is that they do sell well and they are a very popular type of art in contemporary culture today.

Hints for Crafting Awesome Pencil Sketches

As soon as you have finished a line sketching of the person you are prepared to start with the actual shading process. The objective of shading is to try to show your subject three-dimensionality. When you are done with shading, your subject should look as if it is attached within space and isn’t just an object in a plane.

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