How to Work with Fonts in Design Space

How to Work with Fonts in Design Space

Tibetan Art Books – Discovering the Artist in You

We all know that reading books will increase our knowledge in certain topics. Even novels can give us something to learn. If your interest lies towards arts, cultures, history and traditions you should read Tibetan art books.

Advantages To Shopping For Art Online

There are many advantages to shopping for art online, from the many different venues available to the ease with which you can view and compare different pieces of art from all over the globe in a matter of minutes. Shopping for art work online is also becoming more and more popular because of the ability to pay for the art online which can be more secure using systems like PayPal than it would be to send a money order or a check to someone half-way around the world.

How To Sell Art In An Online Gallery

What are some of the main differences between selling art in an online gallery and selling art through more traditional venues like a bricks and mortar art gallery? The type of work you will need to put into promoting and marketing your art will be different and the costs might vary, but at the end of the day the goal of both types of art sales is to share your art with the world and make a little money while you’re at it. So what are some of the things you can do to sell art online through an online gallery?

The Top 10 Notable Art Robberies From 2000 To 2010

Many art thieves are usually motivated by the valuable art pieces which weigh only a few kilograms at most, resale or ransom can worth millions of dollars. Transport for items such as paintings is also petty, assuming the thief is willing to inflict some damage to the painting by cutting it off the frame and rolling it up into a tube carrier.

If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – What Is Provenance Worth?

Whether attributed to an ancient Chinese proverb, Napoleon or Fred Barnard, the quote,”a picture is worth a thousand words”,would even have more significance if we could establish provenance. In other words, if we had proof who actually said it, or where it originated, it is provenance that separates urban legend from fact.

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