How Do I Design A T Shirt?

So you want to start a T shirt business and you have a few ideas for some clever designs, but how do you actually do the design work? In this article we discuss some options for the non-artistic designer looking to break in to the business. All you need is a few good ideas and you are on your way!

The Best Way to Prepare for a Shoot As a Bikini Model

Excelling in your photo shoot is vital to your position and career as a model. In the modeling world, 90% of new models fail. Why is the failure rate for new models so high?

Learning How to Choose the Correct Art Supplies

Art is an interesting thing. It is, perhaps, one of the most diverse forms of expression in the universe. I say that “art is an interesting thing,” which is an obvious statement, but I don’t mean just the physical product of the artist. I mean “interesting” from the standpoint of interpretation and perspective.

Why It Is Important to Switch to the Right Half of the Brain When Drawing

By consciously making the choice to switch to the right half of the brain when drawing will immeasurably improve the quality of your work. Why is this necessary in order to improve our drawings? The answer is to do with the how the brain works, and as a psychologist I have studied that subject passionately. In essence our brains are split into two separate halves and both function completely independently of each other, albeit in totally different ways, but are also capable of communicating with each other. The solution lies with how the different halves of our brain function. Simply put, the left half is our logical side, our analytical side and our language side. The thinking process is of a step-by-step nature and arrives at solutions and understandings after a linear search of all our gathered knowledge. Generally quite accurate, but a bit slow in comparison to the right half. The right half of the brain is responsible for our emotions, creativity, intuition, imagination and stock of images held. The thinking process on this side is more of a holistic nature.

How Clipping Path Has Changed the Way Photographs Look?

While the rest of the world celebrates the magic of the photo lens and the professional shutterbug, the later swears by the Photoshop guru who has made it possible to develop a digital imagery that he can flaunt as part of his portfolio. Many professional photographers are increasing taking the assistance of Photoshop tools to build up their composition and frames.

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