How to use Two Colors with Iron-on

How to use Two Colors with Iron-on

Top 5 Places to Find Jobs in Textiles

Landing your first job is almost a full-time job in itself these days. Networking, searching for opportunities, perfecting your resume, and promoting yourself are all essential, but time consuming. To help save you some time in the search, here’s a list of the top five places to find jobs in textiles.

How to Approach Your First Design Portfolio

Trying to put together your first design portfolio can be a daunting task. Seriously, your first portfolio is not a life or death situation. Follow these tips, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

Comparing Film and Digital Photography

Making the transition from film to digital photography wasn’t easy when I was in photography school. It was like learning a new language.

Don’t Be a Target When You Sell Art Online

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, there are quite a few dishonest people out there posing as potential art buyers. This is especially distressing for new artists, because many want to be “discovered” and who wouldn’t want to be exhibited somewhere prestigious or have their work snatched up by a wealthy client? Even experienced artists are having trouble with art buyer scams, so this article will include some tips for keeping yourself safe as you sell art online.

Get Drawing – Five Tips to Break Sketcher’s Block

Sometimes its hard to do what you most like to do. Here are some observations about how I started drawing again.

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