How to use puff 3D htv from Starcraft

How to use puff 3D htv from Starcraft

Picking Frames For Canvas Paintings

After putting in hours of work creating your painting, the last thing you may want to spend time doing is picking out frames for canvas paintings. But picking out the right frame for your masterpiece can mean the difference between a ho-hum piece of artwork and one that actually sells.

Classic Transformation From Photo to Painting

Nowadays, many artists accept the service of transforming the photo to painting portrait. This is the best way of preserving memories and at the same time it is a perfect gift for special someone.

How to Draw a Bear

The grizzly bear is considered one of the most ferocious and violent animals. However, its animated forms have always been chubby and lovable. They often appear as toys and cartoon characters. This explains why bears are so sought-after by the children.

How to Draw a Cat

A cat, besides being a favorite pet, is also a well sought after subject amongst artists. Drawing a cat proportionately can be tricky. Although they vary in color, size, and poses, their fundamental structure remains constant.

3D Rendering Pipeline – Get Efficient

3D rendering can be a long and laborious process. Just setting up a scene can take days – weeks and even months! But I will show you how you can save hours of working time purely by organising your resources better.

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