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Creativity: Types, Qualities And Practical Steps On How To Be Creative

Creativity is the act of using one’s own imagination to come out with new ideas, events or objects. It refers to the bringing of new things into existence. Creativity can also be defined as the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile. It also involves improvement of already existing ideas or rearranging old things and ideas in new forms.

Spicing Your Drawings With Movement: Consult The Book of Perspective

Perspective is a way of drawing objects or composing scenes to create an illusion of distance. It is the science of vision by which the artist can create the appearance of depth and distance on a two-dimensional surface. It is any graphical system used to create the illusion of three-dimensional images and/or spatial relationships on two-dimensional surfaces.

Aesthetics: Artists’ Description of Beauty in Creation

Aesthetics is a branch of science that deals with the study of the theory of beauty. It is the philosophy and study of the nature of beauty in arts. Aesthetics play a very vibrant role in our everyday life activities such as speaking, sitting, talking, eating, dressing, etc. The various senses together with the emotions like love, joy, hope, amusement help us in expressing our aesthetic feelings toward artefacts and expressive activities.

A Critical Overview of Visual Elements for Artistic Creation

The foundation of every artistic creation starts with a familiarization with the tools of art which are the elements of design. They must be well understood so that they can be used efficiently in undertaking various works of art.

Artist Impression & 3D Rendering Process and Workflow

Below is an example of a process and workflow to create Artist Impressions or 3D renderings. The below example shows how to create a 3D External Artist Impression, a similar process and workflow is also used for internal renders, 2d colour floor plans and 3D floor plans.

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