How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Sheets to Make DOUBLE-sided Ornaments!

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Sheets to Make DOUBLE-sided Ornaments!

Setting Up Display Groups

Hiding geometry can be the easiest way to speed the editing process, but it can also be tedious if you do not organize your scene properly. One of the easiest things you can do is to arrange your objects into “display groups.” These groups can consist of objects that you hide or unhide collectively. Because you can instruct your 3D Program to display and hide objects by name, the “display group” technique can be very effective.

3D High-Resolution Modeling Pitfalls

Many novice animators wonder, “Why do those animators need all that expensive workstation hardware to get the job done? Everyone says that your 3D Program can do it on a well-equipped PC.” Well, if you have ever tried to work with a high-detail scene, you know what the answer is – processing power. Whenever you throw a bunch of triangles at your system processor (CPU) and say, “Chew on these and give me a model,” it taxes the system power.

Cinematics and High-Detail Modeling

If there is one thing that almost every person is familiar with, it is cinematic 3D graphics. These days we are completely surrounded by all kinds of computer-generated items – digital actors, props, even complete films. Furthermore, the game industry has brought Hollywood to the monitor. You can now experience games as if you were watching a movie.

Your Peak Productivity Level in 3D Modeling

So why all this talk about hardware? Simply put, it comes down to how fast you can work on the PC. If your computer is slower than you can think, you are not at your peak productivity level, especially for editing. If you want to change the look of a model or an entire scene, you will need a high-powered machine. However, you can take other steps to make modeling on high detail scenes a little easier.

3D Program Supports Three Technologies For 3D Acceleration

Your 3D Program supports three technologies for 3D acceleration: HDI or Heidi, OpenGL and Direct3D. All three technologies are faster than just using a standard VGA card-even a 2D accelerated one. Many cards on the market support at least one of the three technologies-many support all three. Heidi Versus OpenGL: When your 3D Program shipped, there was much debate as to which would be best: Autodesk’s new Heidi technology or the already established OpenGL technology.

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