How to Use Cricut Design Space [where to start] CRICUT CUTIE GIVEAWAY

How to Use Cricut Design Space [where to start] CRICUT CUTIE GIVEAWAY

Islamic Art – Aesthetically Appealing and Inspiring

Islamic Art has been in the market longer than you might think. Such art ensures a creative outlet for artists while allowing them to remain in certain Islamic limits. That is, if you have apprehensions about art that does not care for Islamic restrictions such as drawing or painting of faces, then Islamic art is a huge market for you.

Arabic Calligraphy

When anyone speaks of Arabic Calligraphy, the first thing that comes to mind is Islamic art. It is hard to believe that there are educated and well-aware people out there who would not at least know about Arabic Calligraphy.

Amish Artists in the Amish Community Simply Amazing

A sequester people with little education with internal pressure to strive for hard menial work, one finds real artists and some that are significantly better than most of the current popular artists. Finding good Amish artists is difficult because their culture does not perceive art as meaningful work. But I did find some and two of them are great and I am looking for more.

Additional Details Regarding Brazing Stainless Steel

This article is a follow up to my brazing stainless steel without silver bearing alloys. In this article I continue to point out that ordinary bare bronze brazing alloy can be used on 304 stainless steel. I also included crucial details about the process such as correct welding torches, application of flux, and the heating technique.

Drawing Tips and Techniques to Help You Learn How to Draw

Drawing is a fun hobby and in fact something that you can also make money with. If you want to learn drawing, there are also a few drawing tips and techniques that can help you learn fast and make better drawings. One good thing about this hobby is that, you don’t need to have other expensive equipment, you can just have a pencil and a clean sheet of paper and you can learn how to draw right there.

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