How to Use Cricut Design Space on Desktop or Laptop!

How to Use Cricut Design Space on Desktop or Laptop!

How to Draw People – Simple Steps to Get Proportions Right

This article walks artists through a simple method of drawing people that will help them keep their proportions in balance. This article talks of one of the many methods there are in how to draw people and advance your figure drawing skills.

How to Go About Framing Your Portrait Painting

Are you confused about the perfect frame for your portrait painting? Paintings often evoke very beautiful feelings and you tend to be deeply attached to them. They add colors to your life and allow you to openly express yourself. Here are a few things for you to consider before getting your portrait painting framed.

How Much Detail is Enough in 3D Modeling?

The temptation for architects is to completely model a project with all details, both modeling details and lighting. In the real world, you will seldom encounter a client who wants to pay for or needs “too much” information.

The Changing Trends Of Avant-Gardism to the Modern Period

Avant-Gardism, with its various roots spread all over Russia, France and Italy made its presence felt among both art lovers and art critics. Movements such as Impressionistic Surrealism, Fauvism and even Cubism, even while attracting the attention of art critics by their different visions and art forms many a times confused the regular art lover.

Inspirational Art Teacher – Keeping the Adult Student Motivated

An inspirational art teacher will keep her adult students motivated by the small things she does for them. By being available both in the workshop and via phone or e-mail after the workshop.

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