How to Use Cricut Design Space on an iPhone or iPad!

How to Use Cricut Design Space on an iPhone or iPad!

Western Painting – Concretism – A Defined Shape of Themes

Concretism Art Movement evolved in Europe during the early 20th century. The term ‘Concrete Art’ was introduced in the first and the last issue of the magazine Art Concrete released in 1930, in Paris. It contained a manifesto called The Basis of Concrete Art, written by the Dutch painter Theos Van Doesburg. Theos was best known as the founder of De Stijl, a Dutch Art Movement, mostly involving the use of simple abstracts. He described Concrete Art as an art style, free of Symbolism or Realism.

The Different Types of Pastels

There are soft pastels, hard pastels, oil pastels and other different types of pastels. What is the difference between them all and are some easier to use than others?

Leonardo Da Vinci – Still Famous

Born on April 15th, 1452 as the illegitimate son of Piero da Vinci and a peasant girl, Caterina in Florence in Italy, Leonardo was educated to be a painter. He started his career in Milan and later worked in Rome, Bologna and Venice. He spent his last years in France and died at the ripe old age of 67 Years on May 2nd, 1519.

Materials You Need For Pastel Painting

Painting with pastels doesn’t take a lot of materials in order to get started. It is different to other painting mediums as it doesn’t need anything liquid to mix, making it much easier and quicker.

Print Industry in India – Most Well-Established Form of Media

Print Industry encompasses almost every field in a country’s economy. The industry generates an assortment of objects like Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Business Order Forms, Post Cards to Memo Pads, etc. that come in use in our day to day life.

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