How to Use Cricut Design Space on an Android Phone or Tablet!

How to Use Cricut Design Space on an Android Phone or Tablet!

Florence Renaissance Paintings

Florence is well known for the birth of Renaissance art, as Italy is generally for the start of western art as we know it. At the time of the rise of Renaissance oil paintings Florence was a wealthy, highly prosperous part of what we now call Italy. The city was run by businessmen rather than a monarchy and could plan the city’s dealings without involvement from external sources.

The Problems Encountered With Photographing Lightning

This article gives a brief understanding of lightning. It then goes into the problems one encounters when photographing lightning.

Blue As Background For Portraits Indicates Clarity and Reliability

Blue is very versatile in its shades and its impact. Consequently, it is most suitable as a background color for portraits. Each shade of blue emphasizes a different quality. A delicate light blue expresses clarity, vision, tenderness, and a refined intellect. Dark blue implies depth of thought.

An Introduction to Pastels

Painting with pastels can be quite daunting, but many artists have discovered the beauty of this timeless medium. Pastels have a versatility that is not usually associated with other painting mediums.

Abstract Art Prints

Abstract art is sometimes called nonobjective or nonrepresentational art. While these terms are used loosely to indicate one or the other, they are more representative of what people thought that this type of art depicts.

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