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Wide-Format Sublimation Offers Big Advantages

Wide-Format Sublimation Offers Big Advantages For Decorated Apparel Shops – As sublimation printing has become a mainstream process in the apparel decorating industry, there a number of reasons to consider investing in a wide-format sublimation printer. As technology in equipment, inks, papers and performance wear continue to improve, sublimation printing has continued to increase in popularity.

The Instinctive Sensory of Color

The human eye and brain interpret light of certain wavelengths into the perceptions of certain colors. Simply color is the reflection of light from a color agent (natural or synthetic) on a surface that our eyes physically transmits to our brain. This optical occurrence between the eyes and brain instinctively defines its self as sensory in our human psyche (mind).

Clipping Path: An Introduction for Beginners

Clipping Path is one of the most frequently used features that Photoshop offers. Used mostly by graphics designers, the primary clients of clipping path service are e-commerce websites, fashion houses, fashion magazines and photographers, and many other companies. The service mainly is to extract images from background or removing backgrounds without corrupting the actual image. There are several types of clipping path service based on their difficulty level ranging from basic to super complex clipping path.

Professional Designer VS Amateur Designer

With the new technological era, developing and designing may seem like child’s play. The reality however is the same. A professional designer when compared to an amateur especially because of cost effective techniques would always yield ineffective results. Hence the most pragmatic decision for an existing or a startup organization is to hire a professional designer with decades of experience who could not only comprehend the vision of the clients but also steer them towards the goals and mottos of the company.

Decoding 3D Sublimation

What is 3D Sublimation? If you’ve never heard of 3D Sublimation before, don’t be alarmed.

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