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Painting For the Love of Nature

In our busy, workaday world, who does not pause for a moment and yearn for the peace and serenity of Nature? We derive great pleasure from Nature’s ever-changing quality, from our first impressions of the natural world by seeing our mothers cultivate a garden and choose foodstuffs which are in season to our own observations of the growth of a kitten or puppy that someone gives to us.

Seven Steps on How to Do Clown Face Painting Designs

This article gives an overview of how a clown face design can be done in 7 easy steps. The basic tools used and design execution are covered.

Iconic Logos Or Illustrative? Which is Suitable For Your Company?

Symbolic Logos Vs Illustrative Logos – This is a difficult decision to make but a vital one as well. Know the pros and cons of each and decide it for yourself.

Brazing 304 Stainless Steel Alloy Without Silver Bearing Filler Metals

In this article I explain how you can braze 304 stainless with bare bronze brazing rod with high temperature flux. I also describe other alloys that will work as well.

Using Textures In Graphic Design

Texture can impute to a tangible aspect of a sketch or a visible coming of a drawing. In a initial case, a open can feel a hardness which have it singular from alternative pattern elements. Choosing paper as well as materials in a package pattern can start a tangible texture. In a second case, a hardness is substantial in a character of design. Rich graphics can emanate layers of visible hardness which mirrors tangible texture.

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