How To Transfer a Picture To Wood - Photo on wood blanks - Easy DIY Mod Podge

How To Transfer a Picture To Wood – Photo on wood blanks – Easy DIY Mod Podge

Napoleon’s Empire – Inspiration For Design

In addition to giving his name to a brandy, a pastry and a psychological condition, Napoleon is also synonymous with the First French Empire, which at its peak briefly ruled a large part of Europe. It was Napoleon’s Empire that provided the inspiration for a design movement based on the classical traditions of Greece, Rome and Egypt. The colors, furniture and other decorative elements of the Empire style can add a dramatic element to designs being conceived today.

How to Paint Flowers – The Best Way to Begin is Botanical Art

If you are a flower painter who is often frustrated and disappointed by your finished painting, then you need to go back to basics and learn how to draw. Maybe you already have good painting skills, but if you don’t know the basic principles of accurate observation and how to build up form through tonal value, you are wasting valuable time – and probably talent too.

Learn to Draw Online Anything You Want to Draw – Using These Rules of Composition

A great composition makes the difference between weak artwork and your attractive, eye-catching drawing. This short essay teaches you all basic rules of composition you need to learn.

Western Painting – Baroque Painting – The Meticulous Artistry

Baroque was a form of Western Painting that lasted for over a century, beginning around year 1600. It was a successor of Renaissance Art Movement. Baroque was influenced by the socio-political upheaval of the period. This phase witnessed the resurrection of church and strict religious order, limited to the traditional school of thought. It pervaded afar, and found its followers even among the Protestants. Although, some of the themes Baroque painters covered were similar to the earlier styles, they differed in their treatments.

Western Painting – A Creative Start to the Being

Art and culture are intricately linked. Different regions and traditions have their own distinctive styles. In fact, art forms are the expressions of lifestyle and folklore, but not limited to them. Western Painting refers to the art style prevalent in the western part of the world. However, it cannot be said to be insulated from the Eastern influence. Broadly, it can be divided into eons, with the most antique forms coming from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Egyptian and Greek remained the epitome of ancient painting. However, Roman and French painters had the most defining influence on the world of art…

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