How to sublimate on acrylic - Wine glass marker sublimation for beginners - Mystery Box

How to sublimate on acrylic – Wine glass marker sublimation for beginners – Mystery Box

Buying Limited Edition Prints by Jack Vettriano

Have you ever considered buying a piece of expensive artwork? Many people have but in order to buy original paintings you have to spend a lot of money depending on the artist. Scottish artist Jack Vettriano is known for his signed limited edition prints but is it possible that these too could become worthwhile investments?

The Life and Techniques of Artist Philip Gray

The man behind the famous prints, Philip Gray was born in Cork, Ireland way back in the year of 1959. Since he was young as five, he already had the passion for art. He can even recall his fondest memories of being taught to draw figuratively by a family friend, Trevor Scott, who was also the founder of the College of Art and Design in Dublin.

Giclee – The Process

Giclee is the process used to reproduce works of art by spraying inks on paper or canvas. Learn about the process and its impact on commercial art.

3 Powerful SEO Tips For Artist Websites

If you’re like most artists with a website, you started out with a dream that collectors would actually find you through search engines. But the reality for most artists is: Your website floats alone in cyberspace with almost no visitors! This article teaches simple powerful techniques that any artist can use to jump start their website marketing with search engines.

A Brief History of the Sculptor Suzie Marsh

Suzie Marsh resides in Cornwall where she has her own Suzie Marsh sculptor’s workshop called Liskeard. While being recognised for her unique animal sculpture pieces in a global sense of the word, Suzie has been able to create more limited edition art pieces and this includes life size sculptures.

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