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Mixing 2d and 3d Graphics

Some designers stick to one specific graphic program working with it’s limitations and when it comes to create something more advanced like a 3d looking image in 2d graphic application, they bite nails wondering how to make it. The solution is mixing capabilities of a few programs. We have so many great 2d and 3d graphic applications so why not to get the most from each of them and drop on one project?

Can You Learn How to Paint?

Lots of people want to learn how to paint. The sad part is that many of these eagerly interested individuals never realize their dreams. They may stop from attempting to master this visual art form because they think they aren’t born with natural talent. It’s about time everyone realized that it isn’t about talent. Anyone can become a painter. All that is needed is passion, dedication and a good instructor.

Canvas Art – Choosing Your Van Gogh Reproductions

Art is subjective in many cases. There are so many different styles of art that it is difficult to classify or pinpoint a piece of work as art or not art. People tend to create art in many different forms- music is an art.

From Glass Eyes to Glass Flowers, The Incredible Artistic Display at Harvard Museum

“Where are the GLASS flowers.” “They can’t be made of glass!” These are typical viewers comments often heard at the glass flower display area.

How to Draw Cars – Simple Guidelines

Drawing can be a creative outlet, for fun and profit. Having artistic talent is often an innate ability.

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