How To Slice on Cricut Design Space and Illustrator Slice for Glowforge

How To Slice on Cricut Design Space and Illustrator Slice for Glowforge

Understand More About Fire Abstract Art

Fire heats our passions to a white-hot flame and fire art seeks to share that feeling in its depiction of the phenomenon of fire. Fire art may be on a canvas as an abstract work, it may be pubic work in the form of fire festivals such as the Burning Man Festival held Labor Day Weekend annually, or in lesser-known venues such as the Art and Fire Project in Wisconsin.

The Different Faces of Sculpture

There are different types of sculptures. The type of sculpture will depend on the material that has been used to create or form an object. During the early years the most basic type of material used to create sculptures are giant stones.

Halloween Printables – Fun Crafts the Whole Family Will Enjoy

When the big day comes around there are many things that you need to prepare. There are many fun crafts that we take joy in doing each season.

Do You Want to Get Into More Galleries? Then Don’t Compete With Them!

Because of the down economy most artists will take a sale any way they can get it. Artists are trying to sell from their own website and in addition from online shops like Cafe Press, Zazzle and Red Bubble.

Canvas Prints – Better and More Affordable Than Ever

Are you in the market for art work for your home or office, but afraid of spending too much money? Believe it or not, its affordable for you to own canvas prints of your favorite photographs, or even reproductions of your favorite artist’s work. Canvas prints, or photographs printed on canvas, are nowhere near as costly as they once were. With just a few mouse clicks you could be well on your way to owning beautiful, hand stretched canvas prints that you can display with pride.

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