How to setup a long canvas in Design Space

How to setup a long canvas in Design Space

How to Draw the Skeleton of T Rex Dinosaur

T. Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex was a giant carnivorous dinosaur that existed in the Cretaceous period. Being derived from the Greek words ‘tyranno,’ ‘saurus,’ and ‘rex,’ T. Rex means a ‘tyrant lizard king.’ T. Rex was a bulky dinosaur with an exceptionally large head, balanced off by a long strong tail. It had short forelimbs but strong and large hind limbs.

How to Draw the Skeleton of a Killer Whale

Killer whale or orca is among the most widely researched whales. It owes its name to its earlier reputation of being a ferocious predator. The researches later however, revealed that it is a highly intelligent being, capable of friendly relationship with humans. Today, this is the most commonly found whale in marine theme parks.

Animator Schools Will Have a Program in Art and Design

When getting an animator degree you will need to make sure you are in a program that offers art and design. You will also need to have artistic skills because every good idea starts on a piece of paper. Once on paper then it is brought to life with the latest technology.

Mouli Cohen’s Views on the Growing Art Industry

Mouli Cohen is one of the few successful entrepreneurs who have reached far beyond their own crafts. He has devoted an astounding amount of effort to ventures concerned in the fields of biotechnology, the growing field of digital media and the ever stable field of entertainment.

Creating Your Own Cartoon Character

Are you having fun seeing cartoons? Maybe it’s time for you to create your own cartoon. This article will tell us the steps on cartoon creations.

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