How to setup a long canvas in Design Space

How to setup a long canvas in Design Space

A History of Graphic Design

Design, and our ability to enjoy it, has been around as long as man. From the most crude cave drawings utilizing dyes and chalks found in nature, to the most elaborate computer generated graphics, design is all around us in many forms.

Degas Paintings

Edgar Degas paintings are amongst the most famous in French art. This article covers Degas’ paintings in full as well as discussing more about his career. There is also a list of his best works included as well.

Artist Fixes Buildings With Lego

At hundreds of sites across the world, crumbling buildings and monuments have been given a light hearted repair in the form of Lego. From banks to bridges and statues to stations, German artist Jan Vormann has been filling in the missing pieces with the colourful children’s toy.

Tips on Choosing and Using Drawing Pencils

An essential component of any pencil artist’s materials is a good set of drawing pencils. These can be bought fairly cheaply in any artist materials shop and are a great investment as they will last for a long time when looked after properly.

Need Art Marketing Help? Try a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to art marketing artists are always pressed for time. How do you open up enough hours in a day to create art and effectively market your work? If you are like most of us you start trying to do everything yourself – and that’s fun and wonderful until you realize that not much is happening in your art career because the buck for everything stops at you.

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