How to paint on glass - Family craft - Easy DIY - Fun to do project acrylic painting on glass

How to paint on glass – Family craft – Easy DIY – Fun to do project acrylic painting on glass

Gauguin Paintings

Paul Gauguin was a famous French Post-Impressionist painter, whose oil paintings remain popular today in his native France and across the world. Paris-born Gauguin demonstrated an experimental use of colour helped influence other future styles. As well as painting he was famous in the art of engraving too. His oil paintings have generally been classified as post-impressionist and primitivist.

How to Brief the Graphic Designer

With any project, communication is the key element. In graphic design, it is no different. The designer needs to clearly understand the design agenda and have a determination to meet those standards and goals.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles – What Should Your Puzzle Be?

Personalized gifts are incredibly popular choices of gifts for all kinds of people to give to their friends and loved ones. You can choose to give personalized jewelry, watches, clocks and glasses just for a few examples.

Artist Websites – Marketing Strategies That Every Artist Website Must Have

Your artist website should be an integral part of your marketing offering your art for sale. The website is like having your own physical gallery and if the website is set up correctly, it should do your marketing and talking for you.

Discover More About Pastels

You have started using pastels and, hopefully, you’re finding them quite intriguing. However, you’re now probably at the stage where you want to find out more about pastels. Painting with pastels is different, but really great once you understand them.

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