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How to Draw a Rabbit

The agile and cute looking rabbits are found in a large part of the world. Their natural habitat ranges from grasslands to dense forests, though they find great favor as pets. Almost half of their population is found in North America, but they are also found in Asia, parts of Europe & Africa, Japan, etc.

How to Draw a Rattlesnake

The poisonous rattlesnake belongs to the dreaded viper family from Mexico, United States, and the region between Canada & Argentina. It can kill its prey (small animals like rats) within 20 seconds. Although it avoids human encounters, it will strike at lightning speed, if threatened. It can kill or permanently disable an adult human being. Rattlesnake is a strategist, which can regulate the amount of venom to be injected in the prey.

Ken Bailey – Art Goes to the Dogs And Cats

Ken Bailey is a success story in the competitive art world. Painting in an art Deco style, primarily Dogs and Cats in a vintage advertising style, he has found a niche in the market that has proved to be fruitful.

The Healing Attributes of Mixed Media Art Lessons

Mixed Media Art Lessons In Los Angeles possess healing properties. Many people question the objective of art.

Biblical Paintings

Are you fond of artworks? There are lots of people who practice art so that they can convey their messages to the common people through their works. There are various aims which an artwork can fulfill.

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