How to Make Waterproof Stickers on Cricut with Four Methods | Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

How to Make Waterproof Stickers on Cricut with Four Methods | Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

Paris Renaissance Paintings

French art has been prominent internationally at various periods of the past six centuries, with Paris commonly seen as the key focal point. This article examines the role of Paris in the renaissance art scene which spread from Italy to France and the rest of Europe.

London Renaissance Paintings

London did not initially embrace the renaissance art movement as much as the likes of Florence, Rome, Venice and Paris, but still played an influential role at a later date, which we examine here. British art is best known for contemporary and romanticist contributions but also produced relevant renaissance paintings.

Resurrection Paintings of Jesus Christ

The Renaissance era of oil paintings brought in new styles for religious paintings whilst still continuing the common subjects as seen before in Christian art. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a very common choice at the time and this has continued ever since. Several of the key Renaissance artists of the time used the Resurrection as subject in many of their works, and this article explains a little more about them.

Baptism Religious Paintings of Jesus Christ

All sects of Christian religion used Baptism and as such it made a suitable choice for painters from every generation, particularly Renaissance where religious paintings were especially common and of high quality and imagination. This article examines a little of the history behind Renaissance Christ baptism paintings and offers up some of the better ones made during this era.

Nativity Religious Paintings

The only brief details from Gospels regarding the birth of Christ ensures that the Renaissance artists had plenty of scope for creative styles and imagination. Nativity represents one of the most common choices for religious paintings, and christian paintings remain popular even today. The following details some of the most famous nativity paintings.

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