How-To Make Vinyl Stickers with Cricut

How-To Make Vinyl Stickers with Cricut

Vincent Van Gogh – Biography

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland, on March 30, 1853. Vincent Van Gogh’s life was rather impressive, if not relatively short, but one that had a great impact on the world of art. Vincent Van Gogh would be recalled in such splendor as one of the greatest artist that ever lived and this was something that no one could take away from the great artist in death.

Goya Paintings

Francisco de Goya was a famous Spanish artist who produced his paintings in the 18th and 19th century. This article covers his works and his style which left a lasting mark on the art world and it’s development from renaissance to contemporary movements.

Learn How to Draw People – By Drawing Cartoon People

Have you ever wondered why learning to draw is believed to be difficult? Here’s why… it’s because everyone tells you so.

11 Beneficial Tips For Pulling Your Painting Together With Glazing

Beneficial tips for pulling your painting together with glazing. I invite you to keep a notebook either on a notes program in your computer or on paper for these tips. Painting with only a single color wash makes a clear color.

Why Learn Calligraphy?

You learn calligraphy for the same reasons you learn public speaking as an advance on just talking. Calligraphy is a collection of skills and techniques which turn just handwriting into a structured artistic performance which holds your audience’s attention and earns applause.

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