How to make the most out of storage space in small rooms - Craft storage - Peg boards

How to make the most out of storage space in small rooms – Craft storage – Peg boards

Merry Christmas Cards – History and Trends

Where do Christmas Cards come from and what are the current trends? You can find out about those and more in this article.

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills – The Fine Line Between Learning and Copying

Becoming a better graphic designer is something we all strive to do. However, it is something you can’t do completely on your own. Think about it. If you were to design within a vacuum, you would not know what is current, cutting edge or which designs yield results. Your skills would not be relevant to the outside market. In a subjective realm like graphic design, your work must be influenced or informed by other people. Therein lies the problem. How informed is too informed?

Planning Your Art – Ideas Plus Planning Equal a Successful Composition

Have you ever had an idea of something you want to draw only to find out half way through the drawing that it just isn’t going to work? So you proceed to ball up the paper and throw it away. In this article, I attempt to present a way to reduce the appearance of the common pitfall through proper planning of your composition.

Cartoon Drawing – Teach Your Kid How to Create Cartoons

If your kid wants to become a cartoonist in future then it would be a good decision because if you make your kid learn from now on then in future your child will become a professional cartoonist through lot of practice and exercising the skills. So you should encourage your kid when he tries to draw a cartoon, because it really is a fun and rewarding career. Guide your child in drawing simple cartoon characters in the beginning.

Mothers Day Gift Idea – Inuit Art

It’s not always easy to find a perfect gift for your mom, especially if your mother already has everything. Inuit art is an excellent gift idea for the most picky person. Whether your budget is 100 dollars or 10,000 dollars you will find an Inuit carving that your mother is going to love.

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