How to Make the Cricut Mug Box | Melody Lane

How to Make the Cricut Mug Box | Melody Lane

Art Deco Coming Back Around

I was recently surprised to find out that the art deco movement literally had its hand in everything for a brief period of history. From simple floor rugs, mirrors, and bedroom furniture, all the way up to huge skyscrapers, the most notable of which is the Chrysler Building started in 1928. The 20’s and 30’s in general were a very fascinating time in US history, and I find it surprising that art was so dominant a theme during that time.

The Right Pictorial Map Is Out There for Any Kind of Personality

Pictorial maps make awesome gifts for any kind of person. It is a perfect gift for them even if they are a traveler or historical person.

Things About Pastels You May Not Know

There could quite possibly be things you don’t know about pastels. Painting with pastels is really quite easy and if you have never tried it, then isn’t it time you gave it a go. This article just may help by telling you a little about pastels that may take the scary factor out of them.

Andy Warhol Silkscreen Could Fetch Up To $18,000

In the 1950s, Van Heusen hired celebrities like Ronald Reagan, Charleton Heston and Mickey Rooney to promote the company’s collar-attached shirts. “Won’t wrinkle… ever!” the ad featuring Reagan stated.

5 Tips to Draw Better

Do you want to impress people with your own physical skill? Or do you want to draw like a professional? If you do, then you can impress people by drawing like a professional artist. Here are 5 tips to draw like an expert!

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