Elements That Distract Your Attention From a Logo Design

People think that if a logo design is flashy, glowing and glittery, it will be more effective and interesting to watch. But the reality is otherwise. Because your company logo is not a neon sign that should glow in the dark, it is a symbol that should clearly depict your business values.

Tips On Pursuing Dreams Into Reality

People are motivated by an assortment of wishes, hopes and desires, some of which they may think impossible to achieve. However, they may not realize that those things they do not know how to do can be done by someone else with the knowledge and experience. Here are a few possibilities to consider.

Found Object As Art: Observations and Application in Oaxaca, Mexico

Found Objects as art, whether used as encountered, alone; incorporated in traditional artworks; or fashioned together to form folk art, have become a part of the Oaxaca art scene, in southern Mexico. Many solitary forms have not yet become “collectibles” in the Western sense, meaning they are readily available for visitors to find.

Michelangelo’s David and Pieta Sculptures

Michelangelo was a famous leader of the Renaissance in Italy whose finest sculptures were Pieta and David, two handcrafted pieces which have become well respected right across the western world. They are amongst the biggest attractions for art fans heading to Italy from around the world and this article uncovers the qualities of both as well as looking into detail in the rest of Michelangelo’s inspired career. Pieta is a frequent religious topic which occurs in many careers around the time of Michelangelo.

Rose Windows: History, Styles, and Significance

Some of the most iconic examples of Gothic stained glass windows are rose windows. Despite featuring a relatively straightforward shape and often being somewhat small in size, rose windows are visually appealing and diverse in terms of the themes they feature. This article describes how to recognize this important category of art glass windows, provides a brief history of the distinctive architectural adornment, and lists some common themes and styles.

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