How to Make My First Farmhouse Sign with a Cricut Stencil

How to Make My First Farmhouse Sign with a Cricut Stencil

Creating Art Work for Your Home

Your home is a reflection of you. It tells visitors what your passions and interests are and says a lot about your own sense of color and space. If your walls are covered with bland artwork that leaves much to be desired, then it might be time to learn to create wall art yourself.

Window Wraps – What Are They?

Health and safety laws state that large pieces of glass (i.e. windows) must have something on them. This is to make them visible to prevent people walking into them and hurting themselves.

How to Draw Cartoon Characters – The Easy Way

Learning how to draw a cartoon character is like making a picture with your mind. That’s it. In the cartoon universe, there are no boundaries, except those imposed by the borders of your mind.

Draw Cartoons Step by Step – Why Beginners Need to Start It Easy

When learning how to draw cartoons step by step, a basic understanding of shapes and the use of white space comes handy. Cartoons are a combination of shapes, straight lines, curves, and use of the empty space.

You Can Now Style Your Walls in Some Innovative and Economical Techniques

An indoor space without pictures, prints or wall murals looks as lifeless as a garden without flowers. The best way to create life and magic on the walls is by adding abstract prints and giant life murals on your living room walls. Although most of these wall adornments are available at some of the fancy lifestyle stores in the city but the price tag is also big.

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