How to make Mickey Mouse Shaker Ears without Resin or a 3D printer - Foam Ears

How to make Mickey Mouse Shaker Ears without Resin or a 3D printer – Foam Ears

Tangram Paradoxes – Explaining the Phenomenon

The tangram is a Chinese puzzle which is similar to the Western jigsaw puzzle, but differs from the same in always having seven pieces, which are fitted together in numerous ways to make an almost infinite number of different shapes. One of the oddities and perhaps the single most intriguing thing about the tangram is the phenomenon on Paradoxes.

Art Marketing – Help Me Sell My Art!

If there is one question that artists ask me all the time, it’s “How much should I charge for my artwork?” In our seminars on Art Marketing, and from emails and phone calls from artists, I can hear the frustration in their voices. It’s as though just knowing the answer to that question will solve all their marketing problems.

What Calligraphy Book is Best For You?

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing which is found printed all over the world. There are a huge number of books based on calligraphy that could be confusing to a beginner looking for the best calligraphy books. The contents vary from instructions on how to practice the art, to information about the history and art of calligraphy.

Behind the Subtle Lies of Digital Image Manipulation

Subtle use of digital image manipulation can be extraordinarily effective. Often it’s a case of incorporating ideas, elements, themes, colours or inspiration drawn from the existing brand identity, and then increasing the impact of these elements within the picture.

Video Production – Use the Kiss Principle

What is the KISS Principle? Most people know that KISS means “Keep-It-Simple….Stupid.”

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