How-To Make Labels with Cricut

How-To Make Labels with Cricut

Learn Cartooning Without Even Drawing

You would think that to learn to draw great cartoons, you’d have to be drawing and practising constantly – but this is not always necessary. There is an important stage in becoming a cartoonist that doesn’t require drawing at all. That’s because a good cartoon drawing is not one that is masterfully crafted, but rather one that masterfully captures and communicates the essence of the visual idea.

Inexpensive Wall Art Acquisition Strategies

I have always been an art lover but I have never really been in a position to indulge myself by buying original pieces of art that catch my eye. Over the years I’ve slowly built up a collection of cheap wall art that has really transformed my apartment. Today I’d like to share two different methods that I’ve found for decorating walls while still keeping costs down.

Understanding Paintings by the Common Man

People are out to buy a piece of art to increase the aesthetic value of their living room. Art is not just a piece of furniture you go out and buy. It is a piece of soul the artist presents in the form of art. We get to see many paintings nowadays in galleries and internet and we just browse over it. Understanding art has never occurred in the minds of middle class people. A new genre of artists are emerging who want the masses to understand and appreciate art.

Tips on Anatomy For the Artist – Why Study Anatomy?

In this article we discuss the reasons why it is necessary for the artist to have a minimum amount of anatomical knowledge. To draw the human figure on the fly it is an absolute requirement.

How to Create a Fairytale Diorama With Dragon Figurines

The setting and characters in a diorama are only limited by your creativity and imagination and can prove to be a rewarding and fun experience that will excite you for years to come. Choosing the right setting and fantasy collectibles can be a intricate and rewarding task. Will it be elves fighting a mystical beast; or a perhaps an ethereal landscape where elves perfect their speechcraft while wandering through the woods, living peacefully with otherkin? Find out how…..

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