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Freelance Graphic Design Salaries

Freelance graphic design jobs are now a popular income source for thousands of professionals. New professionals are getting into this field every other day. Someone who possess the skills and have the interest to work in this field should make himself familiar with the basics of graphic designing work. A professional career as a graphic designer can be lucrative if a person works diligently. Yet, it is better to get an idea about the salary any freelance designers can expect. It is also necessary to understand the factors that determine his salary.

Did Da Vinci Leave a Hidden Message in the Mona Lisa?

The world famous painting “Mona Lisa” once again find itself at the center of a Da Vinci mystery, though this time the mystery is in the world of fact rather than fiction. By studying the painting up close through very powerful magnifying glasses, Italian scientists have thus discovered that the dark parts of the eyes of the Mona Lisa have additional secrets to tell: a series of letters and numbers the meaning of which is still unclear.

What Are Bayeux Tapestries?

Many people are unaware of what Bayeux tapestries are exactly. You will find that these particular tapestries are great when it comes to being able to decorate your home and improving the overall decor.

Face Drawing Tips

Everyone wants to draw better faces. Here are a few tips and guidelines to make your faces look more realistic and able to show more expression. You will also learn some tricks to draw more accurate portraits of yourself and your friends.

How To Draw: 3 Tips To Drawing With Graphite Pencils

Before you begin to draw with graphite pencils, it is helpful to learn what each pencil grade means. Graphite artist pencils come in so many different grades it can be hard for a beginner to grasp and remember what each pencil grade indicates. Graphite pencils are coded universally, so that they are more easily identifiable.

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