How to make Faux leather tags for beanies and other handmade crafts with Cricut and HTV

How to make Faux leather tags for beanies and other handmade crafts with Cricut and HTV

Custom Art Sets

Creating custom art sets to give to people is a lot of fun, and shows them that you are thinking about them and their personal tastes. There are no limits to the things you can put in these sets. It is art, so the only limit is your imagination.

Seven Common Questions About Outdoor Metal Sculpture Restoration

Everywhere we go we see outdoor metal sculpture. We see it in public parks, golf courses, botanical gardens and zoos, in large and small cities in almost every country around the world. Some of it looks great while other pieces are deteriorated. If you have ever wondered why they deteriorate and how they can be repaired or kept looking new in the first place this article will describe in detail answers to the seven most common asked questions about restoring outdoor metal sculptures.

Achieving Golden Proportions With the Right Golden Mean Gauge

The key to any perfect drawing, painting, building, or even that perfect smile is proportion, since any object that looks disproportionate could be instantly rejected by a viewer or user. However, achieving the right proportion in art, architecture, or engineering is not easy until you have the golden mean gauge in your hand.

Do You Want to Be an Artist? – Rid Yourself of These Two Myths First!

Who is an artist? A lot of people have a lot of definitions. One who knows how to express himself? Does that mean that the child who makes paper boats to sail on a rainy street is not an artist? People have had some age old myths about creativity since early ages.

How to Draw the Human Figure – Getting the Form Right

When an artist comes to drawing a human figure the challenge they comes across is to try and see the whole figure as it’s own shape. This is because our experience from looking at our bodies in the past tells us that the human figure is made up of various parts, we need to scrap this thinking and start looking at the whole body as one form.

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