How to make Fake whipped Cream toppers - Mug toppers - Faux Whipped cream

How to make Fake whipped Cream toppers – Mug toppers – Faux Whipped cream

Giclee Printing

Giclee (pronounced gee-clay) comes from a French word meaning to spray or squirt liquid. When used in terms of printing it refers to a technique of reproducing an image that is usually associated with works of fine art. The process of giclee printing is fairly simple. Using digital technology similar to that of an ink jet printer, a high definition scan of an image is taken and reprinted on premium paper or canvas. Unlike ordinary household devices, however, giclee printers use special inks that can retain their true colors for decades. They can also usually scan much larger images. What the two types of printers do have in common is their manufacturers: familiar names such as Hewlitt-Packard and Eppson.

Controversial Pieces of Graphic Design

Graphic design is all around us, and forms a very important part of our lives whether we like it or not. While some of it might be very overtly in our minds, much of it passes under our subconscious sensors, and does indeed have some effect.

T Shirt Designers of Oversized Designs Should Learn to Screen Print For Themselves

T-shirt designers who want to break the rules by designing over-sized imprints, strange imprint locations, and over the seams imprints may find their production channels unwilling to produce their designs in short run. A very good solution is to learn to screen print their market test prototypes for themselves.

Buying Cheap Art Supplies Online

The phrase cheap art supplies can mean many things to many people. Advertisers, especially on the Internet, use such phrases to entice buyers to their website or their store. However, this does not mean that the prices or products are any less expensive or of a lesser quality than competitors, but in some cases it may.

Color Theory

The transformation of architectural designs and incorporation of arts. The so-called color wheel that made a flamboyant things in our eyes. The theory of Colors

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