How to Make Envelopes Easy! | A1-A10 + Cash Envelopes & Gift Card Sleeves

How to Make Envelopes Easy! | A1-A10 + Cash Envelopes & Gift Card Sleeves

Fractals – Different Types of Fractals

There are lots of different types of fractals. Read this article which gives details of some interesting ones.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Banksy Canvas Art and the Artist

Not many know much about the revered Banksy because he has always chosen to remain reclusive. There are many interesting facts about this famous artist.

7 Signs That You’ve Hired an Inexperienced Graphic Designer

Have you seen your Graphic Designer make any of these design faux pas? If so, you may want to look into hiring a professional to create your next marketing piece. Not only are these tell-tale signs of bad Graphic Design, but these mistakes will repel your audience instead of attract them.

Portrait Painting and Its Different Aspects

Portrait painting is a form of superior art and it takes years to bring the perfection. Some vital factors about the art are mentioned in the article.

Perspective Exercises – Find the Horizon

The basic lessons you will learn through this exercise are that the position of the horizon in your view is always dictated by your eye-level and on a straight, flat road, the sides of the road will always appear to converge at your eye level. Start to plan your expedition. Firstly, you need to find the right location – a long straight road without any cars on it. You will need to take a pencil with you — all will become clear as you work through the exercises. Working though these steps will encourage you to really get to grips with what you are looking at.

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