Look for the Best Online Art School for You to Enroll

Many people believed that the occurrence of the internet has totally drowned the people’s interest for the arts. In fact, every new technologically advanced gadget that the world comes up with seems to slowly make people forget about the real essence of the arts.

Have You Collected a Masterwork or a Great Maybe?

I talk a lot about the documentation of art. The importance of finding in the cited literature the very piece of art you are interested in collecting. When collecting masterworks, aside from the art itself, it is the most important aspect of collecting. It is the difference between collecting a great piece of work and a great maybe.

Is Using a Live Model or a Photo Reference Best When Drawing Portraits?

Before the invention of photography artists always had their subjects model for them in order to draw or paint their portraits. This practice is very deep in the tradition of portraiture. Of course, after photography became available artists’ options for creating portraits were expanded. This included using photography as the final medium, as well as a tool to help create drawings or paintings without having the subject model for the artist in the studio. Today, many artists choose to use a combination of both approaches when doing portraits. There are also artists that use only on form or the other for various reasons. Each approach has pros and cons that will be discussed in this article.

Marble Sculpture History and Method

All about marble statue making. The history and the process. Today artists have developed extremely modern methods of stone casting, due to the much-needed concept of ‘mass production’ in the business of art today.

Why You Should Sell Art Online

Selling art through traditional channels is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do; more and more buyers are choosing to buy art online, and artists and dealers are having to adapt to this shift in the art market. Why should you sell art online?

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