Cinema 4D 12.0 – What’s New?

Cinema4D 12.0 was released only a couple of weeks ago and like all high end leading graphic animation products, the consumer family was waiting with baited breath. So what’s new? Is it truly helpful features, are there annoying reorignations that make things hard to find? As with most new bundles, it’s a little bit of both and speaking of bundles, this will be one of the first differences you will notice.

Showcasing Pictures and Artwork With Large Digital Prints on Canvases

Digital art has gained a lot of popularity, as digital technology is largely being used for taking pictures. Not only professional photographers have embraced this know how to make a better shot; most amateurs are also using digital cameras for its sheer ease of use.

How to Turn Your Fashion Drawings Into Real Fashion Clothing

Do you have a love for fashion? If you are like many of the other individuals out there who do, there is a good chance that you may hold dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Metal Sculptures

Metal sculptures have increased in number dramatically in the past few years and it would appear that they represent the new statement of art that is available on the market today. They come in different shapes and sizes and they can be manufactured from different types of materials in order to suit all types of conditions and all types of preferences. There is also an increasing number of artists today that are focused completely in metal sculptures as they can be manufactured in a much shorter time frame then the regular old school stone of marble and you can also…

Creating High Quality Giclee Prints

Giclee Prints follow an unusual colouring pattern and are mostly used in the art galleries and printing stores to highlight pieces of art. The printers used for producing these prints are usually 10-12 coloured and have resolution of 2880 by 1440 that do not highlight the pixels in the print.

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